Back in Tarifa

It has been quite hectic week back at home. Moving from one place to another is always pretty hectic I think. Anyway it was nice to be for a few days with my girlfriend and family. Looks like the spring is slowly hitting Czech country as well. Can’t wait to go sailing at my home spot.

But I’m back in Tarifa since thursday and it is windy everyday. My new gear arrived as well  so I can test and make it ready for the season. I tried the 6.2 and 7.8 so far and I like the sails a lot. We moved it little bit forward again! So last 2 weeks in front of me. I hope I stay healthy to be able maximize the training.

Just received couple pics from the other day before I left home. With Ben and Ludo we sailed small sizes at Playa Chica and Las dunas. Thanx to Javier for the images.