First of all I have to say that it was the strangest Fuerteventura since 2006 my first time here. Balistic wind everyday before the competition. 40 – 50 knt with the smallest gear I had here (5.5 SCR and 89 Falcon). But as soon as the comp started the wind was all gone and the waiting game started (looks like a trend this year).

The training before the event was sick. Sometimes more surviving game that proper sailing but it was good. Specially the day with gusts up to 50 knots. With the high tide I took my GPS and went to the speed course for some fun speed sailing. Couple runs with almost ideal wind conditions and I pulled out my personal best ever. Maximum of 41.9 knt with 10s average of 40.15knt was way beyond my expectation and I was very very happy. Is good that with only 80kg I can go fast as well.

Well as I said at the beginning the competition was different story. First 2 days without the wind. Just hot with some gusts over the water. The 3rd day we finally managed to finish first elimination but it took long 8hrs. I finished 26th and that was  solid beginning. The next day we started on time and we finished all 3 planned elimination with sails from 7.8 to 6.2 in the late afternoon. I was solid again and finished 26 and 18 what kicked me to 23rd place overall. but the last elimination decided (even if it was the first discard chance). I had my best start in a long time and arrived to the first mark first together with Pierre. After jibe a wanted to get into the front foot strap but I slipped and fell for a while into the water. Enough time for the rest of the guys to pass me. I put all my energy to get back to the 4th place but to late. Finished 5th and with 36 points didn’t pass the first round so it appeared to be my discard. Unfortunately this mistake cost me 6 places in overall ranking so it means 29th place for me. I would lie if I would say that I’m not happy with that result. Specially here in Fuerteventura. It looks like I finally found my self. Hope the next events will be even better.

I have to say that that it was my best event since I don’t even remember. Not because of the result but mainly because we were together with the boys again (mean Tine and Daniel) like back in the 2009. We are the TEAM!

Haha…and we made the bet again. This time lost Tine (our payback Bru:) and you can see the result here

pics: Carter/PWA