Swiss slalom championship and Engadin marathon on lake Silvaplana

After Fuerte I had the feeling that I have to change disciplines little bit. To much slalom is not good at all and I felt tired of it. Wave trip to Holland might be solution if there would be good forecast. Unfortunately no wind or waves forecasted so I had to find another solution. 35. Engadin maraton and swiss slaom championship on lake  Silvaplana was the right call. Aaaaa… I know  I know  I wanted to change disciplines…but you know how it is.

Anyway I took my car, gear, girlfriend and in 10 hrs we were there. Sunny and warm with some nice termic Maloja wind. I registered for the competition and went straight sailing with my biggest gear to warm up in such a high altitude (1800m). Unfortunately the race started with formula class and even if it was little bit of wind everyday  it was’t enough for slalom. So next 3 days again only training and no racing for me. But sunday was The Day. First we had to finish the marathon race (42km). I entered this event as well just for fun as I wanted to try it with my slalom gear. I have to say that with little bit more wind it wouldn’t be so bad but with 5-10 knt it was just big punishment for me. I managed to go 1 round out of 4 and than I stopped to be ready for the official slalom which should start just after marathon.

And because the wind picked up we started the slalom on time. 76 racers divided into 4 heats with 6 advancing straight to final. Everybody using biggest gear including me but with my 8.6  Im sure I had the smallest sail of all. We had long downwind course with some wind holes specially at the start and at the 1st mark. The first elimination went quite well. I easy managed to qualify to the final finishing behind Peter Volwater in the opening round. Unfortunately the wind dropped in the final and  I was struggling all the way to the finish ending up on the 5th place. And because the 2nd elimination was exactly the same story as the first one (plus 6 repeated starts in the final) I finished 5th overall. But….I can’t forgive the race crew one thing. Their unprofessionality with the starts specially in the finals. Lot’s of people over early with massive advance and it looked like nobody cared about. Shame because otherwise it could be pretty nice racing.

Anyway we had fantastic couple days at Silvaplana I’m happy with my performance and I just confirmed to my self that I love this place. Bis bald Silvaplana!

pics: M.Prášilová, Marc van Swoll