Alacati 2012

Well well well…. I don’t even know what to say. Everything worked pretty good. The gear the weather my health but unfortunately I just couldn’t put all the pieces together.

9 eliminations in almost perfect conditions. Flat water and 6.2-7.8 weather. Couldn’t be better. Somehow I didn’t make it even once to the 2nd round even if I was couple times very close. I have to say that Alacati is one of the toughest event on the tour. Because the conditions are pretty easy everybody is super fast with good jibing and one small mistake or short delay at the start is STOP for next round. Sometimes it looks in the 1st round like a losers final. So hard is it!

So first two days I wasn’t sailing fantastic as I haven’t been for a week on the water and first time was like 20 min. before the start. It was mistake but I was counting with couple days of training before but unfortunately there was no wind. I know that I have to be warmed up for my best performance. The other 3 days was all good but jesus so much unlucky moments. Have been shot down in vain at the starting line by croatian dude in 1st round (sorry for my behaviour afterwards but I was so ungry with him)…wind hole before the starting line in other 1st round…and my best performance in last elimination where I have been shot down while gybing in qualifying position. Good damn I don’t remember so much bad luck. But in the end it is not an apologize for my mistakes specially at the beginning.

Overall it was disaster and desperation nothing more to say. But my time in Turkey had some lighter moments as well. I tested together with the boys from the team almost the whole line of new Falcons and I was impressed. All the boards we had were sick and I can’t wait to sail them. So good they are.  Check them on Fanatic website

Now I have 3 weeks to recover. Bit of relax as I feel pretty tired than I have some clinics at my home spot and end of September our last event on Sylt. There are still some chances!

pics: Eric Belande, PWA/Carter