Sylt is over and so is the PWA Tour 2012

As usual the Sylt has been held for 10 days and believe or not we managed to finish only 2  races beyond the fact that is has been windy almost everyday. Of course there were couple days with nice waves and wind for the wave competition but the rest was just  game if there will be freestyle or slalom. Anyway we made 2 and half races in classic north sea conditions. Waves with chop in between and wind for 8.6-7.8. Unfortunately for me (how typical this year) I didn’t make it even ones to the 2nd round. In both of the finished races I hit the sea grass with the big fin and couldn’t get rid of it which cost my specially in the first race secured advancing because I was slow as a turtlle with an anchor. At least I was happy with my sailing in the 3rd race where I finished 5th behind O.T.Schliemann but it was pretty hard heat and I went good. But in the end it was event for discard again like the 3 other events during the season. It means that with so many unsuccessful events I couldn’t be better than 38th overall far behind my expectacions. I just couldn’t put all the pieces of the puzzles together. On the other side I didn’t have any serious injury and my health didn’t get worst which is most important thing for me. I would like to thank all my sponsors and people who support me all the season because without them couldn’t be possible to spent another year on tour. THANK YOU!

Now is finally time to get little bit of rest. I’m physically and psychically exhausted and need  some time to regeneration before I start the preperation for the next season. But it doesn’t mean no sailing. Autumn time hit the czech coast and Im waiting for some proper strong cold wind to try some “decent ” speed sailing again. Fingers crossed!


photo: PWA/Carter