First PWA event in Korea is over

Well my 13 days in Korea are almost over. Just one more night in Seoul and Im off. Im really looking forward to be back at home as it was quite long this time.

As every year it was not easy. Tricky conditions with couple days of termic wind and one day with sea wind with some swell. During 6 days of racing we managed to finish 3 elimininations and first round of the fourth one. Honestly I didn’t have a good start. Stucked at the starting line behind some korean dude who was learning how to start and than no chance for the come back. First round out was big disappointment for me. Anyway I put myself together and after a bit of unluck into luck I finished 22nd in the next one followed with even better 18th in the third one after almost passed into the semifinal when Micah tried to pass Benny and they both stucked at the last mark made my way almost free. As I said before unfortunately for me we didn’t finished the fourth elimination to have a discard which I really needed. I passed the first round finishing 1st (even if we all didn’t sailed fullpowered) but that was the end. We tried until last moment but the wind didn’t play ball the last afternoon. Overall I finished 25th which is not bad for the beggining of the season  but I’m little bit sad as I missed the price money for one place.

All in all there is a lot of things I have to improve until next stop in Costa Brava. I still have big gap in starts and timing which is very important and I have to focus on it in the next few weeks. I have to work a bit more on my big sails as well as it showed that my set up is not very fast even though I spent a lot of time with tuning this rig. Well have 4 more weeks…

pics: Carter/PWA

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