Costa Nada 2013

Well we know why we call this place Costa Nada and this year was just another proof of it.

Sitting on the terace in El Medano I can finally look back. It has been very busy after I left CB. Hell of a ride in 35C to Munich then back home change boardshorts and straight to Tenerife where is our WTS filming underway.  Even if Im not taking part in the Tenerife segment I came like an advisor and of course for a bit of wave sailing.

Anyway I arrived to CB couple days earlier for some more training to get used to local specific conditions. We had quite windy everyday which was fine but unfortunately as we expected the reality during the event was a different story. Almost everyday the sea breeze between 7-12knt. We had couple times stronger wind from various directions but It always died after an hour or it came after we called the day off. In the end we managed to finish 4 eliminitions. That means everyday whole day on the beach. Specially last 3 days were pretty hard. Temperatures around 30C without shadow with one heat racing over the whole day. I used most of the time my biggest gear. First elimination I’ve got lucky (normaly it doesn’t happen to me at all) and finished 18th. The next one I did really bad start which allowed me to finish only 6th in the first round. Boom…discard! Unfortunately the 3rd one went even worst when on the first mark my fellow team mate Lang shot me down like an animal. I was pretty angry at him but what could I do. Another discard! Oh dear I can’t even say how much I was praying for the 4th one to have a discard. Again with a bit of luck I squeezed into the 2nd round and finished 22nd waiting for finishing the race. With many cancelled heats and breaks we managed to finish it at 19.00. To be honest I was very happy as it saved my ass. I discarted my worst result and jump to 35th place which was the best from the worst.

In general I was not very happy with my performance. I didn’t do mistakes but I was missing “the attack mode”. I know the reasons and I hope I will be able to improve it until the next stop in Alacati in the 2nd half of August. At least I’m still holding the 25th place overall which is good position for the last 2 events.

photo: PWA/Carter, J.Pina

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