PWA Turkey

My apologize for the lack of news after Turkey but my computer was down so I was a bit offline.

Anyway two weeks ago I returned from this year’s PWA event in Alacati and unfortunately I have to say that Im really looking forward to a day when I will make a good result there. I have been in Turkey so many times and I never had a good one.

Like a sign of this season we had again only light wind days even if there was a nice 7.0 weather before the event. We all used our big boards with biggest sails with occasinaly middle boards. We managed to finish only 5 eliminations but as I wrote before most of the time it was on the edge. My biggest issue were the starts again. Even if it was much better then in C.B. it has still big buggs which is specially in Turkey unforgiving. I was happy only with one elimination where I started nicely in both rounds and stopped in the 2nd one.  I finished 43rd overall which is the worst result so far and I hope I will discard it after Sylt.

When the event finished I stayed in Alacati couple days longer to test our new Fanatic boards together with Danny Aeberli and fellow team mate Marco. I have to say that Im pretty stocked about the whole line and Im sure we will deliver sick boards for the upcoming season and even better for the 2015. Now Im back at home soaking up the fall weather with some rain and cold to be ready for the last event of this year in Sylt.

pics: PWA/Carter, Fatima

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