The season is finally over!

And I have to admit  it has been a tough one for me with battling to the end. I would say normally is all set up before Sylt with not much chances to gain or lose any place in overall ranking. But that wasn’t my case! I couldn’t gain much but I could lose a lot (counted 12 guys steping on my heels).

I can say that Sylt 2013 was just one big up and down for me. One day finished 18th and the next one 60th. Lots of flustration, screaming with some smile flashes over my face. In the end I have been sailing quite allright trying to pull out maximum performance from my gear and my body as well. It was not easy as the wind was all the time gusty offshore with some decent cold air. After all I had some good moments as well. Nice fight for the last qualif. place with Peter Volwater in our 1st heat of the event which I lost (still mad about it) and then the PMS starts story in the last elimination of the event which sent me straight to the quaters (still mad that I didn’t make it to the semis).  All in all I finished 40th which wasn’t good and I lost couple places in the overall ranking which means that I took the 34th place overall. My best so far but not much happy about that right now as I was holding the TOP25 almost the whole season.

Anway not much time for resting now. Our Without the Sea movie premiere is behind the corner then the budget for next season routine and so on. Looking forward to the day  I can sit back and chill. I hope it will be soon as Im tired like hell!

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foto: PWA/Carter