Tarifa is full ON

Well it has been pretty difficult last couple weeks because the Tarifa is just ON!

Almost 2 weeks of strong Levante with some days over 50 knots of wind. Sailing most of the time my 5.5 and 6.2 Warps and Falcon 90 with my Falcon speed 51. There were even couple of days we couldn’t sail here so we went to Algeciras for a bit lighter wind conditions  which means 6.2 fullpowered. It has been nice but pretty rough time for all of us. So I could finally sail th whole quiver and I have to say there is no bad gear at all. All small sails and boards work really good for me.

For me personally the hardest one was speed sailing at Campo the other day in the morning. Wind gusting up to 52 knots with pretty nasty chop which made the speed sailing pretty dangerous (at least for me). With 5.5 overpowered and 9kg on my chest it was mission. Death in my eyes every run but in the end no harm done so all good. I pulled out V max of almost 40 knots which is not bad I would say.

Now we are back to normal. Sailing bigger gear, hitting gym and biking.

I love being windsurfer!

DCIM108GOPRO   IMG_9574n   speed_campo1

IMG_9663nScreen Shot 2014-03-23 at 19.36.03


foto: Martina Prašilová, Sebastiene Bonhomme, GoPro