Tarifa time has come to the end

I can’t even describe how the time goes fast. It seems like 2 weeks ago when I moved to Tarifa and there we go Im on my way back home. It feels like this year was even faster than the previous one. Maybe it was. We sailed a lot this year, I had fantastic 4 weeks with my family there, had couple rough moments with my health and injuries as well and much more stories. All in all I haven’t been bored even for 1 minute.

Anyway I decided to join the 1st Spanish slalom event in Almeria on my way back as I needed to practise couple more things and tune up the gear in real races. In the end it was  a good decision. It was a great event with good conditions and high level of all the riders. As I wrote  I took it as a practise for the upcoming season and it was just brilliant. Over the 3 days I sailed Warps 9.2, 8.6, 7.8 and even 7.0 with Falcon 140, 110 and 90. My goal was not to care about the results but mostly try all the grear combos in real races, tune up my starts and sharp my elbows (which was not really possible as the racing was according to IFCA rules:). But in the end I did what I had to do. Good moments, mistakes, some wipeouts and risky jibing. Congratz to Ben, Ludo and Fernando for the podium. I finished 5th as I skipped the last final of the event due to a katapult I had at the first gybe.  I still have more then 2 weeks to complete my preparations to be ready for the battle in Korea. 

pics: Jose Pina, Dephine, Dennis Little

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