1st PWA event of the year

Well had to take few weeks break to chill out a bit before I could write short update about the Costa Brava.

It has been a tough one for me. 2 weeks before the start I injured my neck spine and instead of tuning my form I was doing nothing hoping for fast recovery. First time I hit the water was the 1st day of the event and even if I felt pretty good I was missing those 2 weeks of intense training.

But on the other side I have to say that this year we had at least some wind. The expecting Tramonta wind which was destroying the sailors at Deffi didn’t arrived at its full force but at least something. We sailed 7.8 and one heat with 7.0 as well ( I think I didn’t use this size last year at all ). Unfortunately for me we managed to make almost all racing in one day which was obviously not my day. To late at the starting line which makes your heat almost over, not enough sharp elbows and no power in decisive moments. Those are the reasons why I sailed like I sailed. No excuse on my gear which was working pretty good no excuse on the conditions which were the same for all of us. The fact is that I didn’t sailed even my average and I had to sort that out. I can take one disaster event like this (hoping for discard) but the next one has to be different story.

And Im really working on it! Im leaving to Turkmenistan in 2 weeks so still enough time to put my shit together and show what Im really capable of.


foto: PWA/Carter, Jose Pina, Kerstin Rieger

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