Hectic summer time

It has been looooong time since my last post but I just tell you it was hectic. Way more hectic then ever. With the windsurfing center, racing and the family I just couldn’t sit down to write something clever.

So on my racing site it is still pretty tough. Turkmenistan was more or less joke as we didn’t even manage to finish one eleimination even if the unfinished one became valid as a results. Unfortunately for me with last place again. I had a tough heat so had to go all in which didn’t paid off in the end. More interesting was the shiting contest. We all had sooner or later difficult diarrhea and some of us were pretty sick and most of us lost some hard gained weight. It took me some time to recover and get ready for the next comp on Fuerteventura. And the island didn’t disappoint. Nice wind for 7.8 and 7.0 the whole time. We did like 8 races. I felt pretty good again. Gear worked well, healt as well but still coudn’t put all my shit together again. At least managed to finish one elimination on 26th place which would be normaly average result but in my situation was menthally  very helpfull. But overall unfortunately bad result again.

Next stop was Turkey which is always the hardest stop on the tour. Easy wind and flat water means everybody is charging everybody wants to win. This year wasn’t any different. Everydays wind for 8.6-7.8 ment racing everyday allday. I never  had a good result here and it was always my discard. Luckily this one was a different story. Finally I didn’t make any fatal mistakes, I seemed to be focused with a good speed and good gybing. Sometimes a bit unlucky with the heat seedings but this is how it works. I managed to make couple good heats with one almost to the semi. Unfortunately for me the best heat I had ended up with massive crash on the first mark when I catapulted over the Portugese dude who just trew his sail in front of me during gybing. Broken board and my magic fin. Honestly I was very angry at him as it was stupid and unnecessary mistake of him. Anyway finally happier with my performance even if the overall result was not that brilliant. I hope I just woke up and for the rest of the season it will be only better and better. Enough strugelling!!!!

After the event I stayed a few more days in Alacati for the North testing with the whole team. It was a nice time and we did a good job over there (you will see pretty soon). After I landed in Prague I jumped straight behind the steering wheel drove to Germany pick up my new gear because on the menu was INDOOR in Poland where I had the wildcard for slalom. I just have to say WHOW!….I will post the summery of the Indoor in a few days.

All the other things seem to be going well. My son is getting bigger and bigger finally starting to move like a human. I love time spent with him and my girlfriend together. I wish I could be more with them but over the summer is like mission impossible.

And finally the windsurfing center. Now when the season is more or less over I can say that we had a good start and a good season. I have so much feedback which I have to think about now. It won’t be easy but I believe in it. Looks like that even in my country is a lot of people who want to learn sailing and thats super positive news.

Pics: PWA/Carter, Jose Pina

TN14_sl_Thomas_Melina_cruising   TN14_ls_Thomas_Melina   10403166_464572273646484_1009215952219811053_n

10574463_837578156260270_4028643275924150599_n   Fv14_sl_Malina_on_the_home_straight   10530760_743410089049760_4508864968887533312_n

Ty14_ls_Thomas_Melina   DCIM102GOPRO   10649663_567106246748897_1778131950222803660_n