The 2014 season is finally over.

Yep, finally!

Season full of contrasts full of up and downs. I managed to take part in 7 events including the reborn Indoor in Warsaw which was very intense experience for me but generally it was very hard and inconsistent season.

I had only one event I was a bit satisfied with my performence and thats not really enough. Although I was feeling good and strong I just haven’t been able to put all the pieces together to make a proper result. Sometimes I was a bit unlucky but most of the time I was loosing my focus which always leads to disaster. I think my overall results explains everything. Not exactly where I wanted to be.

On the other side Im finally happy with the gear and with the team we have right now. Of course windsurfing is individual sport but I still believe you need to have a good working team and good team spirit. We had so much fun during the year. We worked hard on the new gear. We helped each other. I hope we can keep it like this as long as possible.  Honestly this is one of the things which was keeping my mood up and which keeps me motivated.

And now the future. I was thinking a lot after the season. First had to sit down with my family and then I had to talk to all the sponsors if they still believe in me. Its not easy these days. Specially if you have a family and your windsurfing things don’t go as you expected. Some of the decision are not anymore only up to me like it used to be. But Im very happy to enounce that I will be at least one more season on the PWA tour and it is my pleasure to stay on the Fanatic/North team.

So decision made! Now it’s time to spend some quality time with my family at home, start to work on physicall strenght and in January move back to Tarifa. Can’t wait!

Big THANK YOU to my family for the support and understanding and all the sponsors.