Prague guerilla and Christmas sailing

After couple of difficult months where instead of hard time in gym I was struggeling with multiple cold the windsurfing God sent me present. December sailing in my country. Never did it before. First was on 19th of December when I decided after 2 years of waiting hit the the river Vltava in Prague center. Called my very good friend and photographer Jiri Pisa and we tried. Spent there over 3 hours and most of the time waiting for the right gusts but in the end I had couple rides so I was pretty happy. Mission accomplished! I proofed that City sailing in Prague is possible. Next session was 3 days later at secret spot near my home town. This one was more radical because it was only 5C and the water had like 3C. I tried a bit of speed sailing because it was super flat but in the end no decent speed just a few jibes and ” speed runs”. Didn’t sail long but definitely enough. I was pretty happy again.

Unfortunately I paid the price just on the Christmas Eve when I had to lay down with proper flu. Spent there one week. Bit ruined Christmas but it defintely worth it. Now I have a few more weeks for the gym prep and then finally to Tarifa for few months.

You can check the Prague guerilla photo story on the Red Bull site.


DCIM100GOPRO   GR7Q0458   GR7Q0546