Tarifa time

It has been a while since my last update but it was a moving time. End of January I packed all my gear with some more family stuff and I drove back to Tarifa where I will spend next 3 months full of surfing sailing and preparing for the next season.

Since I’m here is has been good. We are sailing more or less every day so it is good for tuning all my gear. “Unfortunately” it is so windy that no chance to try my biggest gear so far. The most used combo is 7.7 Warp and 111 Falcon and I really like it. Like a cherry on the cake strong Levante arrived yesterday. Fully overpowered on my 5.7 and smallest board reminded me that Tarifa is one of the few places you can get some serious high wind slalom sailing and it is shame we don’t have any PWA event here.

We had already some good wave sessions as well. Port tack riding starboard tack jumping. But is has been some time since my last wave sailing so I might need a bit more practise to feel comfy in waves again.

All in all so far so good. I hope that things will go smooth and I will feel some proper improvements.