Korean kick off

Well the time has come. Beggining of May and our first PWA slalom event in Korea. Everybody ready everybody charging. I had a bit hectic time before I left because have to mov the whole family back to Czech and straight after we had to move to the new appartment. It was hell of a six days of packing and moving. So glad that I was sitting on the plane tired but happy that all went almost smooth.

Luckily after I arrived to Jinha beach there were few days to recover from the long journey and jetlag. And then the game has begin. Classic Korea. Up and down gusty shifting wind. Conditions I like and that is why I’m coming every year back. Unfortunately after this event I’m not sure anymore. I don’t remember having so much bad luck in one event and like a bonus one big mistake of my self. What a start to a new season.

We manage to finish 2 eliminations thru the whole week. We had quite nice windy second day already when I was sailing almost for 4 hours but somehow we didn’t even try to start. I still think it was a mistake but I respect race director decision. The day D was the fourth one. Starting with the biggest gear and ending up on 7.8 and medium. I had a good beggining. First start and easy coming on qual.position but the heat was cancelled. Then tried another few starts when my outhaul rope broke. Repairing it on water for ages but I made right before my red flag signal. I had to fix it without any chance to adjust it during sailing so had to race with a balón. Anyway average start and jibing still on fourth. Then the wind hole and I was passed by the guy behing my. Tried to make a comeback but catapulted over plastic bag in full speed. Game over nr. 1. Dissapointed but ready to fight back. Next elimination next start and plastic bag on my fin straight after the start. Took me a while to get rid of it but definitely last on the jibe. And then the God opened his arms and gave me the chance to come back on the last buyo….and I blew it! Hard to explain what happened there but in the end I didn’t turn the mark properly and that’s why have been disqualified. Disaster! I didn’t feel so bad in very long time but had to suck it up and focus for the last days. Unfortunately no more racing in Korea.

Honestly I didn’t even check my result because it was just way too much for me. Big disappointment because I was working very hard over the winter and gave all in. But sometimes is like that. Have to take it easy and keep my line. I feel that Im there and just have to show it. Fingers crossed for Costa Brava.

PS: On the other side there was one big positive. Our Fanatic/Northsails team took 3 places in TOP10 and Pierre took bronze. What a proof that our gear works perfect! Very happy for the guys and hope we can repeat it.

photo: PWA/Bellande

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