The Season

The time is just flying! It has been a while since I updated my website and Im really sorry for that. Hectic summer I would say. Busy with racing, with the center and with few more projects.

Anyway the racing on the tour is not going well so far this season. Even if I trained pretty hard and I feel really good on the water  I’m missing the small piece of “something” which will turn it to good. Unfortunately still not happening. The Costa Nada event was the same story as the Korean one. Not much wind means not much racing and this I don’t like at all. At least we had the Fuertevetura. God bless this place. Finally some decent racing with small gear (at least for few days). I really enjoyed it this time and my results from some eliminations were finally way better. Unfortunately Alacati went back to no wind style plus just night before racing I poisoned with food. I think that was just the highlite of this years bad luck which follows me the whole tour. Who was racing in Alacati knows that making good result here you must be at least 100%. Not my case. Game over again. So all in all pretty tough year for me so far. But I’m in the bussines for some time already so I know how hard and unfair can sport be. Sometimes you just need to have balls to make it thru and I think is my case.

On the other side I have brilliant season at my lake Nechranice starting to call it Newaii. Since I was child (like 25 years ago) I never experienced such a windy summer. Strong wind, warm and sunny. I think we had much more wind over the whole summer then some spots we have PWA slaloms. I was even thinking to organize Eurocup slalom here. Would be great to have some other guys and friends from the tour in Czech Republic. I think we could easily destroy the Prague after the event. Anyway I’m very thankful for the conditions we have. It makes me happy and after all this years I still love to sail here.

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