Is it already winter?

Well looking at my blog I feel a bit ashamed. It has been 10 months since my last update but honestly it doesn’t feel like. The time is running so damn fast specially when you are super busy with all the things around. So let me write long story short. Maybe I might need just once sentence. IT WAS A BLAST! Not joking. I feel like it was the best season I ever had.


Since I left Tarifa I was sailing without a longer break until November. How cool is that for a guy who lives in middle of Europe ( Yes you hear me! Middle of Europe:) without a sea and not beeing able to travel for the wind so offten anymore. All of that because of my homespot Nechranice aka Newaii beeing on fire this year. I really don’t remember such a windy season. Specially the summer months when the weather is normaly calm, warm and windless. Not this time. June, July, August on fire! Windy, sunny, warm. Don’t even remember sailing so much in boardshoarts at the lake. I could properly train almost every second day which is for guy turning  40 the best option. Beside that our TM Windsurfing center was working pretty well with a lot of happy customers which makes me happy as well. We don’t do it to become rich. We do it because we like it we want to have fun and we want to see other people and kids having fun as well.


I managed to join the PWA tour for 3 slalom events as well. Costa Brava, Fuerteventura and Hvide Sande. As I said already last year I decided not to go 100% for it so more or less I race for fun which makes me kind of free. I like that a lot. Im enjoying every single elimination or race like I started competing yesterday. Of course I can not expect top results as the level is every year higher and higher and Im getting older and older. There is no chance to be the TOP without dedicating 100% of your time, energy and power to training, racing, relaxing. You need to be even 120% physicaly and mentaly ready and focused! Im not all that anymore but I don’t mind. Im racing with the best guys in the world because I love it. I don’t care what other people thing or say. Im doing it to affirm my self that Im  still able to fight and step out of the comfort zone. It helps me to stay strong and healthy. But back to racing. I think we were pretty lucky with the wind thru the whole PWA season. For me Costa Brava after so many no wind years showed its potencial. Fuerteventura didn’t dissapoint me and brought up some challenging conditions. Denmark made me happy as well. All in all it was a great racing season.


And what is next? Honestly I don’t know yet. Not sure if I will be able to leave my home for longer time over the winter and not sure if I will be able to join the tour next year. But I know for 100% that I will be still sailing Fanatic and North sails. It feels like a family to me where I have my friends and where are people who know how to make top windsurfing products. And even if Im not involved in all the processes like in the past Im still very proud to be part of the team.


Pics: PWA/Carter