Austrian slalom championship 2019

Finally some competition after long long time without racing. As I could not take part at the Swiss cup in Hyeres during Eastern I decided to go to Neusiedler See for the Austrian slalom champ which was happening at the same time as the famous Surf  Worldcup. It is always my pleasure to meet all my good friends and race with them so easy decision for me. Not mentioning that I wanted to know how is my racing after not much sailing over the winter.

Forecast for the 3 days was looking good. In the end we have been racing from 8.4 to 7.0 (big boys style) which was good. Unfortunately due some course technical issues and austrian law we managed to finish only 2 eliminations plus 3 funraces on sunday but I think together with the other 30 boys and girls from 5 countries we had a nice time and good fun.

Now to the resuls and performace. It is always my pleasure to race with Marco. We have been racing and training together since he started comps in 2009 and I’m not affraid to say that we became good friends. It is umbelievable how he improved over the years to the one of the best slalom sailors in the world. It makes me really happy to see him sailing so damn good even if he has to jump from time to time  over the obstacles which are being laid into the way of his sporting career. What makes me less happy is that I can see and feel that Im getting older with all consequences but it is the fact.  There is not much improvement in my sailing anymore or at least does not go so fast  and so good  I would like to. It is pretty hard to still keep the same level with the guys even though Im not the pro sailor on the world tour anymore. Fortunately Im still far away from the point where I will stop fighting and will start the “cruising” mode. So I pushed Marco as much as possible but he is a rocket hard to stop and even harder to beat. I believe I gave him few times a hard time but in the end he was obviously better and he managed to take all the bullets. I took the silver and I was happy with my sailing. Fantastic gear, faster then ever before, good starts and the technic was still there.

But the best thing was that I had a lot of fun again. Out of the office…far from the usual problems…back in the game I was playing for almost 20 years. What a good time I had! Congratulation to all and thank you!

foto credit to Manfred Moolmann