Journey of the decade

Well after 10 years I was able to return to Cape Town. Even better I could took my family with me and show the junior this beautiful place I used to call 2nd home. But before I start to write I have to thank from all my heart to all my friends and family who made this trip possible.

So I was looking forward to this journey pretty much the whole summer and autumn. I had pretty busy time spent between the law office and the lake so I was obviously tired like hell  maybe like 2 hells.  All gone when we landed at the CPL ready to rock. 3 weeks in heaven incl. Christmas and New years party. Long story short. Sailing almost everyday switching between slalom, waves and surf plus a lots of travelling with the family to see everything what Western Cape offers. Even had a time to join for one day the Duotone windsurfing slalom cup in Langebaan and had a great time there. True is that I had just small gear which was for that day really small but I managed to finish 3rd and this is good start to the new racing season. But I have to point out one session and that is the one in Bigbay. Place I love most. Fullpowered 4.2 head to logo and late afternoon. I have spent 9 winters in CT in the past what was in total over 25 months. And everyday no matter what I was looking forward to that evening sesh in BB together with my best friends with birrili and braai afterwards. Im pretty much grateful that I could enjoy this moment one more time in my life even if some friends are already gone. What a feeling this Bigbay!

All in all we had a great time in Cape (can’t even imagine that you could have a bad time there) and I left with charged batteries and memories I will live from for next decade. THANK YOU!

foto: MMP, MaleenH