Let’s make a big fat underscore take a drink and attack the 2021

What a year I would say. Since this Corona entered our lives things are getting upside down almost everywhere. I will not write about the daily based changes as it doesn’t go very optimistic so just short post about the windsurfing ones.

I don’t even remember when I have sailed the Newaii lake so much. Thinking that I didn’t leave the country since Cape Town until now and to be honest Im missing the travelling so so much already. But on the other side I was lucky enough to sail everytime when windy without any decent break even in lockdowns so I can not complain.

The summer season on the lake and in the center was a blast. Nice weather good vibes good people and nice conditions. Was busy as hell all the time without any break and if you count my other jobs in law bussines I was really happy and tired when the season finished.

Racing season was due to the Covid really poor. We have just one slalom event in Czech as the weather didn’t have proper timing everytime when planned. I think we have just one czech slalom cup in spring and that was it. I finished 3rd and got beaten by Marco Lang and Jakub Zíma. Have to say I was a bit disspointed but on the other side it showed me where not to go and what I have to change if I want to stay on top. Shame we didn’t have more racing later.

Anyway it was pretty difficult and tough season in all direction. I’m far to complain about anything as it could be much worst and I’m really happy that I could spend so much good time with friends and clients on the water. I hope that the C19 situation can get better in the near future so I can plan some serious training again and fight with the younger ones on the racing course.