Termíny klinik pro rok 2014

Sníh a led už zmizely (jestli se tedy letos vlastně objevily) a je tedy na čase naplánovat letošní kliniky.

Stejně jako každý rok, jsem i pro letošek stanovil čtyři termíny a to:

Nové Mlýny   26.-27.4 a 6.-7.9
Nechranice     3.-4.5 a 20.-21.9

Novinkou pro letošní rok je možnost vyzkoušet si mé osobní závodní vybavení z minulých sezón a dále produkty od značek North Sails a Fanatic!!!

Jelikož je počet účastníků omezen na 10 jezdců na každou kliniku, neváhejte a přihlašte se s předstihem. Budu se na vás tešit!

Pro informace o náplni, cenách a dalších věcech klikněte zde.


Back in Tarifa

Well I’m finally back in Tarifa. Little bit later then usually but I spent as much time at home as possible to help my girlfriend with my baby son. So after 50hrs of drive I made it here settled all the things down and had a good long sleep (which you don’t get much with the babies).

Last couple days Im already back in the routine. Sailing, gym, stretching, biking, eating, resting and sleeping.  So far we didn’t have much sun and good conditions either but I don’t complain as everything is better than weather we have  at home believe me. So far I could test my 9.2 and 8.6 Warps with 140 Falcon. We have been sailing ones in playa Chica with 6.2 and 90 but was more survival game than sailing for me. I have to say that when the Atlantic weather we have now (40knt onshore with rain and waves) hits Tarifa is pretty hardcore sailing in the Gibraltar channel. But the gear I tested works pretty good and I feel much more confidence then the last years.

Unfortunately we had not much surfing and wave sailing since Im here.  Warm up wave sesh yesterday at the point with my 4.2 but nothing more. Anyway this can change soon as we are expecting massive swell with wind hitting the coast in next days so fingers crossed for some more radical action.

All in all everything goes the right way now and this is what I need.

Stay tuned!


PF 2014

I would like to thank all my sponsors, partners, family and friends for their endless support in 2013. My special big THANK YOU goes to my Girlfriend who was carrying our babyboy for 9 months and gave him birth right during Christmas. Best present ever.

So I would like to wish everyone happy and more importantly healthy 2014. Health is the most important thing. Without that is everything much more difficult.

Keep on rockin’ the water!


Joining the North Sails team

I’m happy to anounce that after 7 years with Simmer I decided for a change and I joined the North Sails international team. It is an honour for me to become part of such a prestigious team and Im really looking forward to start work. I also would like to thank Tomas Persson for all the years in the Simmer family. He was always very kind to me and he has  my deepest respect.

So Im waiting for all my gear to have it here at home to start tuning and preparing for my winter time. Bring it ON!



The Without the Sea movie is out!

After one year of filming, struglling and hard working the 1st Czech windsurfing documentary Without the Sea is finally out. I couldn’t believe how big relieve it was when we finished it.

On 24th of October there was a huge premiere in Prague with over 400 spectators who completely filled the huge historical cinema. Amazing feeling on the podium when I have seen all the people sitting not only in the chairs but on the floor as well. But even better feeling was when the movie came to its end and all of them applauded. What a reward! And what an afterparty! Can’t remember much but from what I heard it was pretty oke. Czech windsurfing scene fullpowered!

I would like to thank all the people who supported this project, all the people who came to the premiere and specially my girlfriend Martina who did a briliant production work. Without her we would be lost in sea.

The whole movie is available on DVD ( order here ) or you can check the trailer on VIMEO

pics: prazskyfotograf.cz

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The season is finally over!

And I have to admit  it has been a tough one for me with battling to the end. I would say normally is all set up before Sylt with not much chances to gain or lose any place in overall ranking. But that wasn’t my case! I couldn’t gain much but I could lose a lot (counted 12 guys steping on my heels).

I can say that Sylt 2013 was just one big up and down for me. One day finished 18th and the next one 60th. Lots of flustration, screaming with some smile flashes over my face. In the end I have been sailing quite allright trying to pull out maximum performance from my gear and my body as well. It was not easy as the wind was all the time gusty offshore with some decent cold air. After all I had some good moments as well. Nice fight for the last qualif. place with Peter Volwater in our 1st heat of the event which I lost (still mad about it) and then the PMS starts story in the last elimination of the event which sent me straight to the quaters (still mad that I didn’t make it to the semis).  All in all I finished 40th which wasn’t good and I lost couple places in the overall ranking which means that I took the 34th place overall. My best so far but not much happy about that right now as I was holding the TOP25 almost the whole season.

Anway not much time for resting now. Our Without the Sea movie premiere is behind the corner then the budget for next season routine and so on. Looking forward to the day  I can sit back and chill. I hope it will be soon as Im tired like hell!

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foto: PWA/Carter

PWA Turkey

My apologize for the lack of news after Turkey but my computer was down so I was a bit offline.

Anyway two weeks ago I returned from this year’s PWA event in Alacati and unfortunately I have to say that Im really looking forward to a day when I will make a good result there. I have been in Turkey so many times and I never had a good one.

Like a sign of this season we had again only light wind days even if there was a nice 7.0 weather before the event. We all used our big boards with biggest sails with occasinaly middle boards. We managed to finish only 5 eliminations but as I wrote before most of the time it was on the edge. My biggest issue were the starts again. Even if it was much better then in C.B. it has still big buggs which is specially in Turkey unforgiving. I was happy only with one elimination where I started nicely in both rounds and stopped in the 2nd one.  I finished 43rd overall which is the worst result so far and I hope I will discard it after Sylt.

When the event finished I stayed in Alacati couple days longer to test our new Fanatic boards together with Danny Aeberli and fellow team mate Marco. I have to say that Im pretty stocked about the whole line and Im sure we will deliver sick boards for the upcoming season and even better for the 2015. Now Im back at home soaking up the fall weather with some rain and cold to be ready for the last event of this year in Sylt.

pics: PWA/Carter, Fatima

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Costa Nada 2013

Well we know why we call this place Costa Nada and this year was just another proof of it.

Sitting on the terace in El Medano I can finally look back. It has been very busy after I left CB. Hell of a ride in 35C to Munich then back home change boardshorts and straight to Tenerife where is our WTS filming underway.  Even if Im not taking part in the Tenerife segment I came like an advisor and of course for a bit of wave sailing.

Anyway I arrived to CB couple days earlier for some more training to get used to local specific conditions. We had quite windy everyday which was fine but unfortunately as we expected the reality during the event was a different story. Almost everyday the sea breeze between 7-12knt. We had couple times stronger wind from various directions but It always died after an hour or it came after we called the day off. In the end we managed to finish 4 eliminitions. That means everyday whole day on the beach. Specially last 3 days were pretty hard. Temperatures around 30C without shadow with one heat racing over the whole day. I used most of the time my biggest gear. First elimination I’ve got lucky (normaly it doesn’t happen to me at all) and finished 18th. The next one I did really bad start which allowed me to finish only 6th in the first round. Boom…discard! Unfortunately the 3rd one went even worst when on the first mark my fellow team mate Lang shot me down like an animal. I was pretty angry at him but what could I do. Another discard! Oh dear I can’t even say how much I was praying for the 4th one to have a discard. Again with a bit of luck I squeezed into the 2nd round and finished 22nd waiting for finishing the race. With many cancelled heats and breaks we managed to finish it at 19.00. To be honest I was very happy as it saved my ass. I discarted my worst result and jump to 35th place which was the best from the worst.

In general I was not very happy with my performance. I didn’t do mistakes but I was missing “the attack mode”. I know the reasons and I hope I will be able to improve it until the next stop in Alacati in the 2nd half of August. At least I’m still holding the 25th place overall which is good position for the last 2 events.

photo: PWA/Carter, J.Pina

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First PWA event in Korea is over

Well my 13 days in Korea are almost over. Just one more night in Seoul and Im off. Im really looking forward to be back at home as it was quite long this time.

As every year it was not easy. Tricky conditions with couple days of termic wind and one day with sea wind with some swell. During 6 days of racing we managed to finish 3 elimininations and first round of the fourth one. Honestly I didn’t have a good start. Stucked at the starting line behind some korean dude who was learning how to start and than no chance for the come back. First round out was big disappointment for me. Anyway I put myself together and after a bit of unluck into luck I finished 22nd in the next one followed with even better 18th in the third one after almost passed into the semifinal when Micah tried to pass Benny and they both stucked at the last mark made my way almost free. As I said before unfortunately for me we didn’t finished the fourth elimination to have a discard which I really needed. I passed the first round finishing 1st (even if we all didn’t sailed fullpowered) but that was the end. We tried until last moment but the wind didn’t play ball the last afternoon. Overall I finished 25th which is not bad for the beggining of the season  but I’m little bit sad as I missed the price money for one place.

All in all there is a lot of things I have to improve until next stop in Costa Brava. I still have big gap in starts and timing which is very important and I have to focus on it in the next few weeks. I have to work a bit more on my big sails as well as it showed that my set up is not very fast even though I spent a lot of time with tuning this rig. Well have 4 more weeks…

pics: Carter/PWA

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