Let’s make a big fat underscore take a drink and attack the 2021

What a year I would say. Since this Corona entered our lives things are getting upside down almost everywhere. I will not write about the daily based changes as it doesn’t go very optimistic so just short post about the windsurfing ones.

I don’t even remember when I have sailed the Newaii lake so much. Thinking that I didn’t leave the country since Cape Town until now and to be honest Im missing the travelling so so much already. But on the other side I was lucky enough to sail everytime when windy without any decent break even in lockdowns so I can not complain.

The summer season on the lake and in the center was a blast. Nice weather good vibes good people and nice conditions. Was busy as hell all the time without any break and if you count my other jobs in law bussines I was really happy and tired when the season finished.

Racing season was due to the Covid really poor. We have just one slalom event in Czech as the weather didn’t have proper timing everytime when planned. I think we have just one czech slalom cup in spring and that was it. I finished 3rd and got beaten by Marco Lang and Jakub Zíma. Have to say I was a bit disspointed but on the other side it showed me where not to go and what I have to change if I want to stay on top. Shame we didn’t have more racing later.

Anyway it was pretty difficult and tough season in all direction. I’m far to complain about anything as it could be much worst and I’m really happy that I could spend so much good time with friends and clients on the water. I hope that the C19 situation can get better in the near future so I can plan some serious training again and fight with the younger ones on the racing course.

Journey of the decade

Well after 10 years I was able to return to Cape Town. Even better I could took my family with me and show the junior this beautiful place I used to call 2nd home. But before I start to write I have to thank from all my heart to all my friends and family who made this trip possible.

So I was looking forward to this journey pretty much the whole summer and autumn. I had pretty busy time spent between the law office and the lake so I was obviously tired like hell  maybe like 2 hells.  All gone when we landed at the CPL ready to rock. 3 weeks in heaven incl. Christmas and New years party. Long story short. Sailing almost everyday switching between slalom, waves and surf plus a lots of travelling with the family to see everything what Western Cape offers. Even had a time to join for one day the Duotone windsurfing slalom cup in Langebaan and had a great time there. True is that I had just small gear which was for that day really small but I managed to finish 3rd and this is good start to the new racing season. But I have to point out one session and that is the one in Bigbay. Place I love most. Fullpowered 4.2 head to logo and late afternoon. I have spent 9 winters in CT in the past what was in total over 25 months. And everyday no matter what I was looking forward to that evening sesh in BB together with my best friends with birrili and braai afterwards. Im pretty much grateful that I could enjoy this moment one more time in my life even if some friends are already gone. What a feeling this Bigbay!

All in all we had a great time in Cape (can’t even imagine that you could have a bad time there) and I left with charged batteries and memories I will live from for next decade. THANK YOU!

foto: MMP, MaleenH






Austrian slalom championship 2019

Finally some competition after long long time without racing. As I could not take part at the Swiss cup in Hyeres during Eastern I decided to go to Neusiedler See for the Austrian slalom champ which was happening at the same time as the famous Surf  Worldcup. It is always my pleasure to meet all my good friends and race with them so easy decision for me. Not mentioning that I wanted to know how is my racing after not much sailing over the winter.

Forecast for the 3 days was looking good. In the end we have been racing from 8.4 to 7.0 (big boys style) which was good. Unfortunately due some course technical issues and austrian law we managed to finish only 2 eliminations plus 3 funraces on sunday but I think together with the other 30 boys and girls from 5 countries we had a nice time and good fun.

Now to the resuls and performace. It is always my pleasure to race with Marco. We have been racing and training together since he started comps in 2009 and I’m not affraid to say that we became good friends. It is umbelievable how he improved over the years to the one of the best slalom sailors in the world. It makes me really happy to see him sailing so damn good even if he has to jump from time to time  over the obstacles which are being laid into the way of his sporting career. What makes me less happy is that I can see and feel that Im getting older with all consequences but it is the fact.  There is not much improvement in my sailing anymore or at least does not go so fast  and so good  I would like to. It is pretty hard to still keep the same level with the guys even though Im not the pro sailor on the world tour anymore. Fortunately Im still far away from the point where I will stop fighting and will start the “cruising” mode. So I pushed Marco as much as possible but he is a rocket hard to stop and even harder to beat. I believe I gave him few times a hard time but in the end he was obviously better and he managed to take all the bullets. I took the silver and I was happy with my sailing. Fantastic gear, faster then ever before, good starts and the technic was still there.

But the best thing was that I had a lot of fun again. Out of the office…far from the usual problems…back in the game I was playing for almost 20 years. What a good time I had! Congratulation to all and thank you!

foto credit to Manfred Moolmann




Is it already winter?

Well looking at my blog I feel a bit ashamed. It has been 10 months since my last update but honestly it doesn’t feel like. The time is running so damn fast specially when you are super busy with all the things around. So let me write long story short. Maybe I might need just once sentence. IT WAS A BLAST! Not joking. I feel like it was the best season I ever had.


Since I left Tarifa I was sailing without a longer break until November. How cool is that for a guy who lives in middle of Europe ( Yes you hear me! Middle of Europe:) without a sea and not beeing able to travel for the wind so offten anymore. All of that because of my homespot Nechranice aka Newaii beeing on fire this year. I really don’t remember such a windy season. Specially the summer months when the weather is normaly calm, warm and windless. Not this time. June, July, August on fire! Windy, sunny, warm. Don’t even remember sailing so much in boardshoarts at the lake. I could properly train almost every second day which is for guy turning  40 the best option. Beside that our TM Windsurfing center was working pretty well with a lot of happy customers which makes me happy as well. We don’t do it to become rich. We do it because we like it we want to have fun and we want to see other people and kids having fun as well.


I managed to join the PWA tour for 3 slalom events as well. Costa Brava, Fuerteventura and Hvide Sande. As I said already last year I decided not to go 100% for it so more or less I race for fun which makes me kind of free. I like that a lot. Im enjoying every single elimination or race like I started competing yesterday. Of course I can not expect top results as the level is every year higher and higher and Im getting older and older. There is no chance to be the TOP without dedicating 100% of your time, energy and power to training, racing, relaxing. You need to be even 120% physicaly and mentaly ready and focused! Im not all that anymore but I don’t mind. Im racing with the best guys in the world because I love it. I don’t care what other people thing or say. Im doing it to affirm my self that Im  still able to fight and step out of the comfort zone. It helps me to stay strong and healthy. But back to racing. I think we were pretty lucky with the wind thru the whole PWA season. For me Costa Brava after so many no wind years showed its potencial. Fuerteventura didn’t dissapoint me and brought up some challenging conditions. Denmark made me happy as well. All in all it was a great racing season.


And what is next? Honestly I don’t know yet. Not sure if I will be able to leave my home for longer time over the winter and not sure if I will be able to join the tour next year. But I know for 100% that I will be still sailing Fanatic and North sails. It feels like a family to me where I have my friends and where are people who know how to make top windsurfing products. And even if Im not involved in all the processes like in the past Im still very proud to be part of the team.


Pics: PWA/Carter




Termíny klinik na rok 2017

Termíny klinik pro rok 2017 jsou následující:
Nechranice     6.-7.5
Nechranice   13.-14.5
Obsah klinik:
– teoretická průprava trimováním plachet a nastavením prken
– teoretické základy rychlé jízdy, obratů a nastoupení do skluzu
– samotná výuka na vodě (osobní přístup a konzultace s každým z účastníků)
– foto session a video coaching
– možnost vyzkoušení nového vybavení značek North Sails a Fanatic
– večerní grilovačka
– v případě opakovené účasti pokračujeme v další výuce a zdokonalování
2 denní kurz stojí 1.600,- Kč ( v ceně je obsažena výuka, foto a video materiál a večerní grilování)
Maximální počet účastníků na jednu kliniku je 8 !
Pro podrobnosti o jednotlivých klinikách mě prosím kontaktujte emailem, na který můžete zároveň posílat i přihlášky.

Training is ON!

After lots of thinking and negotiating I’m super stoked to be at least one more time in Tarifa for few weeks of training. Why am I so stoked? Because it is not that easy anymore to say at home or in the company ” Listen! Im off for 3 months now but no worries I will be online anyway”. It is a lot a work to sort out at least that few weeks and without the support and understanding of my family will be impossible.

But time is running fast and Im here already for 2 weeks filled with everydays action (as usual). Surf, wavesailing, bike and of course slalom training. So far I had all kind of conditions so I could use all my gear to tune it for the season. No doubt that the new Falcons and Warps are rockin again so the only thing I have to focus on is me. Lucky enough the Slalom Pro Training here is on so we had  already few really nice days full of training with classic Tarifa team plus few more guys from the tour. Have to say so far so good!


Jsem opravdu rád, že díky podpoře a porozumění rodiny jsem mohl alespoň na pár týdnu sbalit všechno své vybavení a ještě jednou stanout na plážích zimní Tarify a připravit se na nadcházející windsurfingovou sezónu.

Jelikož ale čas letí jak bláznivý, jsou to již dva týdny, co jsem na místě a zatím jsem se nezastavil. Jak tu bývá dobrým zvykem, každý den nějaká akce ať už surf, kolo nebo riding, ale hlavně slalom, neboť to je to, proč tu jsem. Zatím jsem měl štěstí na podmínky a tak jsem mohl najezdit všechny věci, které v autě mám. Jako vždy je na nové Falcony i Warpy spolehnutí a tak jediná věc, na které musím zapracovat, jsem já sám. Naštěstí jsme letos posunuli termíny slalomového campu již na ůnor, protože se tady schází čím dál více kluků z tour, a tak jsme měli již několik dní závodění v docela zajímavých podmínkách. Zatím to jede docela dobře!



Summer is over but not the windsurfing season

First of all my apologize for the lack of updates. As usual it has been pretty hectic summer without any free time outside family, work and racing. So what was going on lately.

As you already know I decided not to go the whole PWA tour anymore and more focus on my family and work. So this season was like a starter for me to try combine all the mentioned things and I can say so far so good. Well … sure not always easy (better write “sometimes a bit easier”) with a lots of obstacles and stress along the way but I’m fighting and doing my best.

Regarding racing I took part in a few slalom events around Czech like Austrian slalom Championship at the Choco lake and Swiss Nationals at lake Silvaplana mainly to prepare for the PWA events where I took part. Those were Costa Brava, Fuerteventura and Denmark. Even if I spend some time in Tarifa over the winter it was so hard to keep my top performance over the time spent at home and work. That is why I’m kind of satisfied with my overall performance (but not so much with the results)  specialy nowdays when the boys are pushing so hard and the level is so high. I even have to say that my results and performace this season were much better than last few years. It could be because I’m sailing now without any pressure or stress. I’m enjoying every moment on the water and that’s the key.

Thinking about it with a bit of hindsight I have been sailing quite a lot this season but most of the time at my home lake where I have the center as well. Windwise was not that good as last year but we had some really nice days over the summer so I could use not only the biggest gear but 7.7 or 7.0 as well. After so many years I’m still very gratefull to have my base there and sail the lake anytime I want.

The summer is maybe over but not the windsurfing season! Hopefully stronger winds are coming when the temperatures are lower. We swop t-shirts for hoodies, boardshorts for long wetsuit but I don’t mind. Bring it ON!


Předně bych se rád omluvil za nedostatek aktualit, ale léto je v mém případě vždycky hodně busy. Rodina, práce, závody a tudíž moc času na jiný věci nezbývá. Pokud se mi ale přeci jen podaří něco napsat, najdete to na  mém blogu bratrstva okřídleného býka Red Bull 

Co všechno se tedy v přůběhu léta událo? Jak jistě víte, rozhodl jsem se pro letošní sezónu omezit svoji účast na světové PWA Worldtour a více se soustředit na rodinu a práci. V praxi to znamenalo pokusit se všechny tyto věci skloubit dohromady, aby to fungovalo a abych se  z toho nezbláznil. S odstupem času myslím, že se to s menšími či většimi potížemi podařilo. Není to vždycky lehký, ale já jsem zvyklý bojovat a dělám pro to maximum.

V průběhu léta se mi tedy podařilo zúčastnit se několika závodů u našich sousedů jako Mistrovství Rakouska ve slalomu (2. místo) či Mistrovství Švycarska na jezeře Silvaplana (závod odjet pouze do finále, kde jsem nechyběl). Má příprava ale směřovala na 3 vybrané závody světového poháru a to na španělskou Costa Brava, největrnější závod celé tour Fuerteventuru a novou zastávku dánský Hvide Sande. Upřímně řečeno jsem měl největší obavy z toho, jak udržet svoji těžce nabytou formu ze zimního pobytu na Tarifě po celé období 4 měsíců. Jako jeden z mála (vlastně jediný) jsem totiž neměl šanci trávit celý čas přípravou a tréninkem na moři tak, jak tomu bylo v minulosti. Naštěstí mám Nechranice, které nejsou sice úplně 100% náhradou a formu tam nevylepšíte, ale je to lepší než nic.  Díky nim a počasí, které mě podrželo, jsem se tak mohl alespoň udržovat, abych celou zimu a jaro nespláchl do záchodu. Když tedy vezmu v potaz všechny faktory, jsem se svým předvedeným výkonem (ne tak moc už se svými výsledky) v odjetých závodech docela spokojen. Zvláště v dnešní době, kdy do toho všichni šlapou opravdu na 120% a celkově je level celého závodního pole hrozně vysoko. Je potřeba stát na zemi! Co se týče výsledků, tak bych to samozřejmě viděl rád někde jinde, protože se cítím na víc, nicméně i přesto musím konstatovat, že to bylo celkově lepší než v minulých 3 letech, kdy jsem se windsurfingu věnoval naplno. Myslím, že to je tím, že už na sebe tolik netlačím a celé to tolik neřeším. Místo toho si celé závodění daleko více užívám a jsem rád za každou minutu strávenou na vodě. A tak by to mělo asi být.

Léto je tedy u konce, ale ne tak windsurfingová sezóna. Po letní domácí větrné pauze očekávám sice nižší teploty a méně slunce, ale o to více větru. Nemůžu se dočkat!







Termín jarní kliniky

Česká windsurfingová sezóna je téměř za dveřmi a s ní i termín mé jarní nechranické kliniky. Ten je 7.-8.5 a jako náhrada v případě špatných podmínek pak následující víkend 14.-15.5.

Podrobnosti o náplni, ceně a dalších věcech najdete v sekci CLINICS 2016

Doufám, že nám podmínky vyjdou minimálně jako na jaře v roce minulém

Budu se těšít




That’s it for this year

It is close to Christmas eve and I just put all my gear to garage for a bit. If you consider that since august I was sailing  in Czech then is not bad at all.


Noteworthy two autumn moments. First one was sailing and filming our last North Sails episode with Marco Lang at my home spot and the second moment was the ultimate big day one week later at the same place.

I was waiting for the filming day for quite some time but my pacience worth it. 11th of Nov Marco arrived and we spent 3 days sailing at lake Nechranice. For the filming we chose the strongest forecast and it was really nice. 8hrs shift on the water sailing 7.8 and 7.0 Warps 016. My personal feeling is that we made best video episode of  this year. You can check this out here and make your own opinion.


And finally the Big Day! I can only say that it was really balistic and belive me when I say balistic then it means balistic. The lake was just boiling. Average over 40 knts with gusts up to 54. Waves like the Nord sea and the temperatures as well. Managed to sail for about 90 minutes on my smallest gear (72+4.2). Sometimes strugelling to hold the gear down sometimes nice fly over the horizon. Even tried and almost landed few starboard tack backloops. Damn it that felt good! Who cares I was destroyed like I never sailed before. Pure radical nature. I think it was the biggest day at the lake I ever expirienced.


…and that’s it for 2015. Up and down year full of those moments. Hope I can come back next year. Still working on my calendar as some true changes are coming  but I know already that mid of Feb I go back to my second home Tarifa to get ready for the next season however it will looks like.

The Season

The time is just flying! It has been a while since I updated my website and Im really sorry for that. Hectic summer I would say. Busy with racing, with the center and with few more projects.

Anyway the racing on the tour is not going well so far this season. Even if I trained pretty hard and I feel really good on the water  I’m missing the small piece of “something” which will turn it to good. Unfortunately still not happening. The Costa Nada event was the same story as the Korean one. Not much wind means not much racing and this I don’t like at all. At least we had the Fuertevetura. God bless this place. Finally some decent racing with small gear (at least for few days). I really enjoyed it this time and my results from some eliminations were finally way better. Unfortunately Alacati went back to no wind style plus just night before racing I poisoned with food. I think that was just the highlite of this years bad luck which follows me the whole tour. Who was racing in Alacati knows that making good result here you must be at least 100%. Not my case. Game over again. So all in all pretty tough year for me so far. But I’m in the bussines for some time already so I know how hard and unfair can sport be. Sometimes you just need to have balls to make it thru and I think is my case.

On the other side I have brilliant season at my lake Nechranice starting to call it Newaii. Since I was child (like 25 years ago) I never experienced such a windy summer. Strong wind, warm and sunny. I think we had much more wind over the whole summer then some spots we have PWA slaloms. I was even thinking to organize Eurocup slalom here. Would be great to have some other guys and friends from the tour in Czech Republic. I think we could easily destroy the Prague after the event. Anyway I’m very thankful for the conditions we have. It makes me happy and after all this years I still love to sail here.

    IMG_3560fb   CB15_ls_CZE109_0396fb

IMG_0977fb   CB15_ls_GPE44_0542fb   TY15_ls_CZE109_1002fb