That’s it for this year

It is close to Christmas eve and I just put all my gear to garage for a bit. If you consider that since august I was sailing  in Czech then is not bad at all.


Noteworthy two autumn moments. First one was sailing and filming our last North Sails episode with Marco Lang at my home spot and the second moment was the ultimate big day one week later at the same place.

I was waiting for the filming day for quite some time but my pacience worth it. 11th of Nov Marco arrived and we spent 3 days sailing at lake Nechranice. For the filming we chose the strongest forecast and it was really nice. 8hrs shift on the water sailing 7.8 and 7.0 Warps 016. My personal feeling is that we made best video episode of  this year. You can check this out here and make your own opinion.


And finally the Big Day! I can only say that it was really balistic and belive me when I say balistic then it means balistic. The lake was just boiling. Average over 40 knts with gusts up to 54. Waves like the Nord sea and the temperatures as well. Managed to sail for about 90 minutes on my smallest gear (72+4.2). Sometimes strugelling to hold the gear down sometimes nice fly over the horizon. Even tried and almost landed few starboard tack backloops. Damn it that felt good! Who cares I was destroyed like I never sailed before. Pure radical nature. I think it was the biggest day at the lake I ever expirienced.


…and that’s it for 2015. Up and down year full of those moments. Hope I can come back next year. Still working on my calendar as some true changes are coming  but I know already that mid of Feb I go back to my second home Tarifa to get ready for the next season however it will looks like.

The Season

The time is just flying! It has been a while since I updated my website and Im really sorry for that. Hectic summer I would say. Busy with racing, with the center and with few more projects.

Anyway the racing on the tour is not going well so far this season. Even if I trained pretty hard and I feel really good on the water  I’m missing the small piece of “something” which will turn it to good. Unfortunately still not happening. The Costa Nada event was the same story as the Korean one. Not much wind means not much racing and this I don’t like at all. At least we had the Fuertevetura. God bless this place. Finally some decent racing with small gear (at least for few days). I really enjoyed it this time and my results from some eliminations were finally way better. Unfortunately Alacati went back to no wind style plus just night before racing I poisoned with food. I think that was just the highlite of this years bad luck which follows me the whole tour. Who was racing in Alacati knows that making good result here you must be at least 100%. Not my case. Game over again. So all in all pretty tough year for me so far. But I’m in the bussines for some time already so I know how hard and unfair can sport be. Sometimes you just need to have balls to make it thru and I think is my case.

On the other side I have brilliant season at my lake Nechranice starting to call it Newaii. Since I was child (like 25 years ago) I never experienced such a windy summer. Strong wind, warm and sunny. I think we had much more wind over the whole summer then some spots we have PWA slaloms. I was even thinking to organize Eurocup slalom here. Would be great to have some other guys and friends from the tour in Czech Republic. I think we could easily destroy the Prague after the event. Anyway I’m very thankful for the conditions we have. It makes me happy and after all this years I still love to sail here.

    IMG_3560fb   CB15_ls_CZE109_0396fb

IMG_0977fb   CB15_ls_GPE44_0542fb   TY15_ls_CZE109_1002fb

Korean kick off

Well the time has come. Beggining of May and our first PWA slalom event in Korea. Everybody ready everybody charging. I had a bit hectic time before I left because have to mov the whole family back to Czech and straight after we had to move to the new appartment. It was hell of a six days of packing and moving. So glad that I was sitting on the plane tired but happy that all went almost smooth.

Luckily after I arrived to Jinha beach there were few days to recover from the long journey and jetlag. And then the game has begin. Classic Korea. Up and down gusty shifting wind. Conditions I like and that is why I’m coming every year back. Unfortunately after this event I’m not sure anymore. I don’t remember having so much bad luck in one event and like a bonus one big mistake of my self. What a start to a new season.

We manage to finish 2 eliminations thru the whole week. We had quite nice windy second day already when I was sailing almost for 4 hours but somehow we didn’t even try to start. I still think it was a mistake but I respect race director decision. The day D was the fourth one. Starting with the biggest gear and ending up on 7.8 and medium. I had a good beggining. First start and easy coming on qual.position but the heat was cancelled. Then tried another few starts when my outhaul rope broke. Repairing it on water for ages but I made right before my red flag signal. I had to fix it without any chance to adjust it during sailing so had to race with a balón. Anyway average start and jibing still on fourth. Then the wind hole and I was passed by the guy behing my. Tried to make a comeback but catapulted over plastic bag in full speed. Game over nr. 1. Dissapointed but ready to fight back. Next elimination next start and plastic bag on my fin straight after the start. Took me a while to get rid of it but definitely last on the jibe. And then the God opened his arms and gave me the chance to come back on the last buyo….and I blew it! Hard to explain what happened there but in the end I didn’t turn the mark properly and that’s why have been disqualified. Disaster! I didn’t feel so bad in very long time but had to suck it up and focus for the last days. Unfortunately no more racing in Korea.

Honestly I didn’t even check my result because it was just way too much for me. Big disappointment because I was working very hard over the winter and gave all in. But sometimes is like that. Have to take it easy and keep my line. I feel that Im there and just have to show it. Fingers crossed for Costa Brava.

PS: On the other side there was one big positive. Our Fanatic/Northsails team took 3 places in TOP10 and Pierre took bronze. What a proof that our gear works perfect! Very happy for the guys and hope we can repeat it.

photo: PWA/Bellande

11115604_10153567986800166_1446124076566754680_n   11169065_10153564265805166_8477816945825806308_n   11205151_10153564265235166_2450107714873129340_n

Serious traning underway

Yeah! I’m fully on it! Since 8th of March we have the racing camp here in Tarifa with some other top guys and even if the wind is not playing ball with us right now we already had some nice racing days on the racing course.

Since my last post it has been just great time. Lots of sailing but not only slalom. We had some nice jumping sesssions in Canos a finally some decent speed sesh at Campo (you can check the report from the speed day at Czech Redbull site). I was at home for a week as well to see my family and for a bit of recovery. I would say it is classic Tarifa with a bit more levante than usual but I don’t mind. Loving it here and pushing my limits every day.

Huricane jibing   Tom_cruisingTom_speed_crash


Tarifa time

It has been a while since my last update but it was a moving time. End of January I packed all my gear with some more family stuff and I drove back to Tarifa where I will spend next 3 months full of surfing sailing and preparing for the next season.

Since I’m here is has been good. We are sailing more or less every day so it is good for tuning all my gear. “Unfortunately” it is so windy that no chance to try my biggest gear so far. The most used combo is 7.7 Warp and 111 Falcon and I really like it. Like a cherry on the cake strong Levante arrived yesterday. Fully overpowered on my 5.7 and smallest board reminded me that Tarifa is one of the few places you can get some serious high wind slalom sailing and it is shame we don’t have any PWA event here.

We had already some good wave sessions as well. Port tack riding starboard tack jumping. But is has been some time since my last wave sailing so I might need a bit more practise to feel comfy in waves again.

All in all so far so good. I hope that things will go smooth and I will feel some proper improvements.



Prague guerilla and Christmas sailing

After couple of difficult months where instead of hard time in gym I was struggeling with multiple cold the windsurfing God sent me present. December sailing in my country. Never did it before. First was on 19th of December when I decided after 2 years of waiting hit the the river Vltava in Prague center. Called my very good friend and photographer Jiri Pisa and we tried. Spent there over 3 hours and most of the time waiting for the right gusts but in the end I had couple rides so I was pretty happy. Mission accomplished! I proofed that City sailing in Prague is possible. Next session was 3 days later at secret spot near my home town. This one was more radical because it was only 5C and the water had like 3C. I tried a bit of speed sailing because it was super flat but in the end no decent speed just a few jibes and ” speed runs”. Didn’t sail long but definitely enough. I was pretty happy again.

Unfortunately I paid the price just on the Christmas Eve when I had to lay down with proper flu. Spent there one week. Bit ruined Christmas but it defintely worth it. Now I have a few more weeks for the gym prep and then finally to Tarifa for few months.

You can check the Prague guerilla photo story on the Red Bull site.


DCIM100GOPRO   GR7Q0458   GR7Q0546


The 2014 season is finally over.

Yep, finally!

Season full of contrasts full of up and downs. I managed to take part in 7 events including the reborn Indoor in Warsaw which was very intense experience for me but generally it was very hard and inconsistent season.

I had only one event I was a bit satisfied with my performence and thats not really enough. Although I was feeling good and strong I just haven’t been able to put all the pieces together to make a proper result. Sometimes I was a bit unlucky but most of the time I was loosing my focus which always leads to disaster. I think my overall results explains everything. Not exactly where I wanted to be.

On the other side Im finally happy with the gear and with the team we have right now. Of course windsurfing is individual sport but I still believe you need to have a good working team and good team spirit. We had so much fun during the year. We worked hard on the new gear. We helped each other. I hope we can keep it like this as long as possible.  Honestly this is one of the things which was keeping my mood up and which keeps me motivated.

And now the future. I was thinking a lot after the season. First had to sit down with my family and then I had to talk to all the sponsors if they still believe in me. Its not easy these days. Specially if you have a family and your windsurfing things don’t go as you expected. Some of the decision are not anymore only up to me like it used to be. But Im very happy to enounce that I will be at least one more season on the PWA tour and it is my pleasure to stay on the Fanatic/North team.

So decision made! Now it’s time to spend some quality time with my family at home, start to work on physicall strenght and in January move back to Tarifa. Can’t wait!

Big THANK YOU to my family for the support and understanding and all the sponsors.